the shushing of shuffling feet

I have some questions.

Why do so many apparently able-bodied, ambulatory young women drag their feet when they walk?

Has it become a "thing" to walk this way? A generational badge, like upspeak?

Is there something about Ugg-style footwear that compels the wearer to drag, rather than lift, her feet?

Are more young people dragging their feet than ever before, or have I suddenly grown super-sensitive to the sound of shuffling feet?

I would like to ask why so many women under the age of 30 want to spend upwards of $300 to wear what amounts to a uniform, but I already know the answer to that. I didn't do it when I was that age - in fact, I was decidedly uniform-free, including all the "alternative" looks that have a way of becoming one more uniform. I didn't do it, but I do understand it.

But the feet, the feet! Why the shuffling, dragging, scuffling, flagging feet? Pick them up! For chrissakes, WALK!

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