harper gets smacked in more than 60 cities

If you liked launching shoes at Bush, you'll love smacking Stephen Harper.

Mr Harper got a big smack yesterday, as thousands of Canadians expressed their displeasure with his prorogation of Parliament. Plans are already in the works to keep the movement alive with a second wave of action. You can stay informed through the Facebook group CAPP: A second wave of actions and through No Prorogue.

There's very decent coverage in the Globe and Mail, Star, CTV, Global, CBC.

Of course crowd numbers are under-estimated, but that's always the case. And I do mean always. I think it's best not to get too caught up in crowd counts. People cared enough to take to the streets in January in 60 Canadian towns and cities, and another handful of locations around the world, and everyone watching TV or picking up their newspaper or clicking on news sites can plainly see that crowds were both significant in size and spread throughout Canada. That's what counts.

Everyone in the activist community is saying the same thing: none of us have ever seen anything this big spring up this fast. This is truly a people's movement, bubbling up from the grassroots, both multi-partisan and non-partisan.

Apparently wingnut marching orders of the day are to spam comments on all news stories about the protests, claiming turnout was low and declaring it a failure. Sadly for them, and happily for us, we saw otherwise with our own eyes. As did the media, and, you can be sure, the Conservatives.

Two beautiful photos from the Daily Dose of Imagery, here and here.

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