my grades are in and i am happy

I filled in the rest of my first term "report card" here.

In one class, I got an A-minus on my final paper, bringing my total for the class also to an A-minus. I was very pleased.

My grades on papers for that class were, in chronological order, B, B-plus, A-minus, with the papers increasing in difficulty and relative weight. My other grades for that class were for the debate (A-minus) and participation (A-minus).

In my second class, my final (group) project, worth 50% of our grades, earned an A-plus. I was amazed. According to Impudent Strumpet, I owe myself some french fries! In that class, my grades went B+, B+, A+, so I'm not sure what my final tally will be. I guess either A or A-minus.

I found my first term very challenging, in every way. I frequently felt exhausted and overwhelmed, and occasionally doubted my ability to succeed. One form of validation was feeling more relaxed and enjoying school, and now this is another form.

Although my grades improved as I went along, the work I did decreased markedly. (Not the work required, that remained constant.) Clearly, all I need to do is not work at all and I'll ace everything!

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