comment policy

Comments are very welcome and encouraged, within the following guidelines.

1. Please do not correct other commenters' grammar, usage or spelling. We all have different competencies; communication is what matters. And if I can resist the urge to correct, so can you.

2. Discussions in comments frequently roam off the original topic, and that's great when it happens organically. However, please do not take it upon yourself to redirect the topic of a post in non-sequitur fashion. For that, I respectfully ask you to use your own blog.

3. The following types of comments will never be put through moderation:

- Insults or verbal attacks directed at me or any commenter.

- Sexist, homophobic, racist or other bigoted comments.

- Religious proselytizing of any sort.

- Comments with the primary purpose of driving traffic to another website.

- Opinions that are deeply offensive to me, such as anti-choice spew. There are numerous places online to debate the morality of abortion. Wmtc is not one of them.

4. No second chances. If your introductory post is an insult, none of your comments will ever make it through moderation, no matter what the tone or content. If you are so desperate to comment on wmtc that you want to try under a different name, go right ahead, as long as your comments fall within these guidelines.

Please remember that wmtc is my personal site, so it is my right to run it in any manner I choose. My comment policy evolved naturally over time. It's been helping to promote discussion among a friendly community and keeping this blog enjoyable for me for many years. In other words, it works, so I stick with it.