stuff by me

Most of my writing is in print only, but a sample of my work can be found online.

• Globe and Mail
Cross a Border, Adjust a Mindset (Why Canada)

• Common Dreams
Let Them Stay
Roe is History
Why I Won't Watch the Beijing Olympics
My September 10th
A Sit-Down Strike [Important update!]

• Profiles of Canadians
Justin Hines in New Mobility
Alyssa Manning in Canadian Lawyer
Chantal Petitclerc in New Mobility
Steven Fletcher in New Mobility

• The Mark
I am a contributor to The Mark, a Canadian online opinion journal [...which has apparently stopped publishing, or changed to a completely different format. Versions of these articles are found on wmtc, but are no longer at The Mark.]
Why Brigette DePape is a Hero to Me (Stop Harper!)
Holding My Nose to Vote Liberal (I didn't!)
People Are More Important than Windows (G20 backlash)
Discover Harper's Canada (citizenship guide)
Apathetic No More? (prorogation protests)
Why I Can't Stand the Olympics (Vancouver games)
Conscience Behind Bars (visit with jailed war resister who was deported from Canada)
I Want to Vote for a Mouse (advice for the NDP)
After the Flood (thoughts on our attachment to objects)
The Trolls Among Us (the wackos who plague our blogs)
On Strike for Us All (support for striking municipal workers)
The Blog Is Dead (not so fast)
My bio at The Mark

• Straight Goods
Several of my essays have run at Straight Goods, but their archives are only available by paid subscription.

New Mobility
New Mobility is the premiere magazine for people with disabilities. I wrote for NM for 15 years, as a features writer, columnist and contributing editor, including coverage of the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games, and later as an occasional contributor.

Kids On Wheels
Kids On Wheels was a unique resource guide and magazine for young wheelchair-users and their parents. I helped create the kids' edition, and was the associate editor and principal writer of that magazine for several years. It is now defunct.

Among my work for KOW, I wrote serial short fiction: "What Julie Heard," chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.

• Books
I've written nonfiction books for teens who are struggling readers, and books of potential interest to younger kids. Some of them are listed here.

Some of my older work includes:

• Personal Essays in the New York Times, Newsweek (uploaded here) and New Mobility

• Features in Seventeen, Sports Illustrated For Kids, Women's Sports & Fitness, Writer's Digest, Girls' Life and other magazines.

• Educational Videos: Understanding Prejudice: Gripes and Common Ground (Gold Medal Winner, New York Educational Film Festival), Date Rape: Behind Closed Doors (Silver Apple, National Educational Film and Video Association), Dying To Be Thin: The Eating Disorder Trap, Healthy Teens, Healthy Relationships

• Disability Resource Guides: Sports and Recreation writer/editor: Spinal Network Total Wheelchair Resource Guide, 4th edition (2008), 3rd edition (1999)

• 1918: I am also very proud to have edited Babe Ruth and the 1918 Red Sox, by my partner, Allan Wood.