stephen harper gets a taste of things to come

Stephen Harper's visit to Toronto today was overshadowed by a little cloud.... a cloud that will soon develop into a mighty storm. From the Globe and Mail (that's my friend NCF in the photo!):
Canada's convalescing economy may have topped Prime Minister Stephen Harper's agenda Wednesday, but anti-prorogation anger ended up hijacking his Toronto road show.

About 35 protesters from students to seniors picketed Mr. Harper's afternoon visit to the C.D. Howe Institute, chanting “Stop the prorogation, listen to the nation!”

It's just a taste of what's to come on Saturday, when thousands are expected to gather at rallies across Canada to protest the shutdown of Parliament, said Walied Khogali, who helped organize the demonstration.

“We just want to send a clear message that we are watching and we do care, and our MPs are accountable to us, not to any specific political party or to any elite,” said the 25-year-old university student.

That "25-year-old university student" is organizing the rally in my very own Mississauga, and he's doing an amazing job.

See you all Saturday!

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