Wmtc, formerly known as "we move to canada," is owned and written by Laura Kaminker.

This blog is both personal and political; I especially like to explore the intersection of the two. In 2013 I completed my Master of Information degree and am now working as a librarian. I am active in, and currently the head of, a library workers' union.

In another life I was an activist and a writer. For more about my writing, go here.


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2010 Canadian Weblog Awards / Political Blogs / 2nd place
2009 Canadian Blog Awards / Best Progressive Blog / winner
2007 Canadian Blog Awards / Best Progressive Blog / 3rd place
2007 F-Word Award / Best Activist Blog / 1st place
2007 F-Word Award / Best Political Blog / runner-up

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Late 2003: my partner and I apply to emigrate to Canada.

July 2004: I begin we move to canada,
Tagline: "we are packing up our leftist politics and taking them to canada. this is a chronicle of our adventure." I post under the name "L-girl".

August 30, 2005: the day we landed in Canada.
New tagline: "american by birth, canadian by choice."

Early 2007: I register domain name I still own that; it redirects to

Early 2008: Wmtc "leaf" masthead and design by Sibko. Leaf mastheads can be seen here, here, here, and here.

December 2010: blog's name officially changed to wmtc, "american by birth" tagline removed. New design using customized blogger "simple" template.

January 1, 2011: I retire the name L-girl" and change my blog name to "laura k".