hypocrisy, thy name is harper

In yet another classic Friday afternoon news dump, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed another five Senators, tipping the balance of power in the Senate to the Conservatives. And supposedly this is needed because - caution! watch for exploding heads! - the Opposition is obstructing the passage of anti-crime legislation!

Ontario MPP and Senate appointee Bob Runciman said:
For too long, the Ignatieff Liberals have abused their majority in the Senate by obstructing law-and-order bills that are urgently needed and strongly supported by Canadians. Today, this abuse comes to an end.

Holy cow! Did he really say that?? Obstructing law-and-order bills, Bob? You don't mean the very bills that were killed when your leader suspended Parliament, do you?

Hypocrisy the First of Stephen Senate-Reform Harper appointing yet more Senators is a raindrop in the ocean of Stephen Suspend-Parliament Harper accusing the Liberals of obstructing bills!

Second Wave, anyone? Keep it up!

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