today, day of action against the war, solidarity with the people of the middle east, rally for respect in toronto

Today, April 9, is a pan-Canadian Day of Action against the War in Afghanistan.

Here we are in the midst of an federal election, and for both the Conservative and the Liberal Parties, the war is not even an issue. We need to put it on the map. At the Canadian Peace Alliance website, you can download posters, fact sheets, window signs, and other resources.

TODAY, you can join an event in your area. And if, like me, you can't come out to demonstrate, you can still email the candidates standing for your riding. Tell them you opposed the extension of Canada's military involvement in Afghanistan. Tell them that Canadian foreign policy should reflect the sensibilities of Canadians, not do the bidding of the US State Department. Tell them: Canada out of Afghanistan!

This is also a day of protest and action in the US: Solidarity with the People of Iraq, Afghanistan and Across the Middle East to End Wars and Occupations, to Bring Our Troops Home and To Rebuild A Fair Economy for All!

On April 9, eight Iraqi civil-society organizations will stage open-ended sit-ins in front of many US military bases scattered throughout their country until "the occupier and its agents" leave. They have called the 9th "The Day of Salvation". To show solidarity with Iraqis and others directly impacted by the US's wars, USians will gather in both New York (April 9) and San Francisco (April 10), in addition to other decentralized actions, including a national phone-in to the White House, urging President Obama to intervene with the Maliki Government to stop violent crackdowns on Iraqi protests: 202.456.1111.

In Toronto, it's not too late to join the Rally for Respect, meeting at Dundas Square and marching to Toronto City Hall to defend communities, public services, and good jobs. Join your neighbours in demanding an end to the budget cuts, closures, user fees, and privatization that will hurt every person and every neighbourhood in Toronto. First Toronto - then all of Ontario. This is organized by dozens of community groups, and endorsed by: ACORN Canada, Toronto and York Region Labour Council, International Women's Day Committee, Good Jobs for All Coalition, Ontario Federation of Labour, Canadian Federation of Students-Ontario, and Canadian Labour Congress. The peace rally in Toronto will march and join up with the Rally for Respect. It's all part of the same picture.

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