pupdate: diego es muy bueno

Diego is terrific. Tala is terrific. Only the mud is not terrific.

This is without a doubt the easiest new-dog transition we've ever had. After adopting dogs, we've had near-fatal health problems (Clyde, Buster), serious behavioural problems (Gypsy, Buster), not life-threatening but still serious health issues (Tala), dogs not really getting along (Cody and Tala) and probably a few other headaches I've forgotten. This time, so far, the transition is as smooth as can be.

Diego is very well behaved. He's house-trained, and really tuned in to our expectations. And he's so eager to please! What a big galoot.

Tala and Diego are getting along great. They have the occasional squabble over a toy, but they quickly sort it out. They love to tussle and play-fight. Tala has met her match when it comes to chasing squirrels; I think Diego hates squirrels more than she does! Diego will actually jump straight up, all four paws in the air, and bark furiously at the little creatures, high up in a neighbour's tree, while Tala just runs insanely back and forth, usually with a ball in her mouth.

So things are going swimmingly. Sometimes it seems literally so: we are drowning in mud. The $%&#*?! mud.

It has been raining off and on for weeks. When it's raining, our backyard is our own private lake district. When it stops raining, the lawn is squishy and thick with mud. The track that Tala has worn out around the perimeter is now a canal.

Within two minutes of going outside, both dogs' paws, legs and bellies are covered in mud. Sometimes Tala looks speckled in black from mud splashes! It feels like we spend half our day wiping them off and doing the laundry full of dog towels. A few times we've sprayed them off with Tala's friend the hose, but that requires two people and creates a small flood on the patio. Mostly we just keep toweling them off.

Don't ask what our floors look like. Mostly we just ignore it, then every so often we sweep up a half-ton of dirt, vacuum and mop.

It's getting very old. We eagerly await some dry weather!

On the other hand, if we didn't have a backyard and a washer-dryer in the basement, I don't know if I could be doing this. It was much more difficult in an apartment - but I had a lot more energy in those days!

And fear not, I have not lost perspective. I'm sick of the muddy towels, but I'm very happy.

We don't have any new pics yet, because of the incessant rain, but we have the camera at the ready, should the sun make an appearance.

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