must-see video: jason kenney as young u.s. anti-choice activist

In the US in the late 1980s, Catholic universities were punishing students for being pro-choice. In one Jesuit-affiliated university in San Francisco, the students did that job themselves, demanding that pro-choice students be expelled from the school.

When the university affirmed students' right to free expression, one student activist petitioned the Church to remove the school's Catholic designation. He vowed to take the fight all the way to Rome if he had to. You'll recognize that enterprising student as the illustrious Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, one Jason Kenney.

There's more - much more - but in order to get the details right, I have to wait for Anglophone media to pick this up.

Story in Le Devoir: Des fous de Dieu chez les conservateurs.

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