friday night in brampton: crash the big blue party and stand up for reproductive rights

In the last several years, Conservative MPs have submitted one anti-choice private member's bill after the next.

Prominent Conservative Jason Kenney has a long history as a self-described "anti-abortion activist".

In 2002 Harper boasted, "I'm not ashamed to say that, in caucus, I have more pro-life MPs supporting me than supporting Stockwell Day."

Last year, through the G8/G20, Harper imposed an international "maternal health plan" that excludes abortion.

Each year 70,000 women die from lack of access to abortion services.

It's not at all unreasonable to say that a Conservative majority will re-open the abortion question in Canada, to potentially disastrous results.

Tomorrow, April 29, Harper makes one of his last stops in the Federal Election, a huge blue rally. The majority of Canadians are pro-choice and pro-women's rights. Let's show him a little piece of our majority.

Please watch the above video, and come to Brampton if you can. And vote for the candidate in your riding most likely to beat the Conservative.

WHERE: Pearson Convention Centre, 2638 Steeles Avenue East, Brampton

WHEN: Friday, April 29, 6:00 p.m.

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