i agree with michael ignatieff: canadians must rise up

File this under things I never thought I'd say: here I am agreeing with Michael Ignatieff again. Canadians must rise up against these dangerous, anti-democratic Conservatives, if this country is going to have a chance of staying a good and decent place to live.

I hate to see the Liberals appropriate the language of revolution - I doubt Michael Ignatieff would appreciate the rising up I have in mind - but I hate apathy and complacency a whole lot more. Macleans has a good story about Ignatieff's speech.

I've seen people say we must "vote red" in order to defeat Stephen Harper's Conservatives. This is just not so. In some ridings, a vote for the Liberals will help the Conservatives. By all means vote Liberal if that's the most likely party to beat the Conservatives where you live. Vote NDP if they have the better chance in your riding. If you live in Qu├ębec, you have even more choices.

But whatever you do, vote smart.

If you're unsure of which non-Conservative party has the best shot in your riding, consult Project Democracy. You can plug in your postal code or click on the map to get the latest projections for any riding, and the bullet version of how to "amp your vote".

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