somebody throw me a line

There is so much to read, so many papers to write. I'm having trouble keeping up, and compared to many of my classmates, I seem to be way ahead. Everyone is drowning.

Everyone's annoyed, too. The four courses in the "core curriculum" have a huge amount of overlap, and most of it is so theoretical. It's getting on our nerves. I'm not worried, as many people are, that we won't be prepared for our chosen professions. It's just difficult to stay engaged.

It seems that most students have given up on trying to get all the reading done. I may have to go that route, but I don't like the idea. I've already gone from reading carefully to reading quickly to skimming. I don't want to skip articles altogether.

But it's not just the readings I'm skimming. I feel like I'm skimming everything in my life. I prefer to do fewer things and focus more, rather than spread myself too thin. But I'm loathe to cut out anything else.

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