movie season, way too soon

I didn't think movie season would begin before the ALCS! This morning I'm still cursing and sulking about the Red Sox. Seriously, you have no idea how difficult it is to write this post as anything but an incoherent string of profanities.

Moving on...

Last night I reactivated my Zip account. Zip still is but a pale imitation of Netflix, but it's also still the best of my options. And this is my annual post where you tell me what movies you loved over the last six months or so.

Baseball season started just as Waltz With Bashir and Slumdog Millionaire came out, so those are first and second on my Ziplist right now.

I'm behind one Futurama movie, and I have to check if any of our favourite filmmakers came out with anything new: Pedro Almodovar, Ken Loach, John Sayles, Walter Salles, Woody Allen... others.

Food Inc is due out on DVD soon. Other titles I saved from last year: Sugar, Tulpan, One Week, Adventureland, Stone of Destiny, Anvil. Allan's been adding to the list all winter, so most of it will be a surprise.

For what I like, or perhaps to compare your list to mine, here are the "we movie to canada awards": the movies I liked best for 2008, and the two previous years.

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