november 5 day of action for a poverty-free ontario

If you're a student in Ontario, I hope you're already aware of this important action, but just in case...

On Thursday, November 5, Ontario students of all ages and levels will take to the streets and campuses, calling for a poverty-free province. This diverse coalition of concerned citizens is asking for:
  • Reduced Tuition Fees
  • Affordable Child Care
  • Public Housing
  • A Living Wage
  • Quality Public Health Care
  • Employment Equity
  • Raise in Social Assistance Rates
  • Fair Employment Insurance Rates

    At the University of Toronto, the schedule is:
    11:30 a.m. - free pancake breakfast outside Sid Smith [these organizers are smart!]
    1:00 p.m. - meet up & rally at Sidney Smith Hall
    2:00 p.m. - city-wide convergence and march, starting at Con Hall
    4:00 p.m. - mass rally at Queen's Park

    Turnout is expected to be massive. Be there!

    Facebook group here.
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