returning to normal on wednesday nights

Guess what I did tonight? I went to a Campaign meeting for the first time since starting school. It was great to be back. I was so happy to see everyone, to get caught up on Campaign news, to be in touch with what matters most to me.

A Campaign friend had very generously offered a spare bedroom for me to crash any time between or after classes. She lives right near U of T, in easy walking distance from our meetings at the Steelworkers Hall. J made this incredible offer as soon as I announced I would be going to school, and I finally felt ready to take her up on it. Now I have a key, and a place to put my feet up and turn my brain off for a while on Wednesday afternoons.

It worked beautifully. I left J's house feeling refreshed; I never could have done it otherwise.

I also realized that I've passed the halfway point of my first term. Cool.

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