i hate baseball

Dear Everyone I Told I Would Be Busy Watching Baseball In October:

I will now have plenty of time.

The Red Sox were down two games in a five-game series to start the day. We knew - we absolutely knew - they would come back to win. They have done it so many times before, against better teams than this.

The Sox took an early lead, added to it, and held it with ease. Posting in our gamethread, I was all set to type (referring to Game 4), "IF NECESSARY??? IT'S NECESSARY, BABY!!!"

Then, in a repeat performance of the JoS1 game in July, Jonathan Papelbon, our once-reliable closer, allowed two runners to score in the eighth. Our lead was down to one run, but we would have still won the game.

Then in the ninth, needing only one more strike for the Red Sox to win, Paps allowed three more runs.

The Angels move on to the ALCS.

And I start movie season.

Go Dodgers.

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