halloween social experiment (without results)

We performed a little social experiment tonight, but we have no idea how it turned out.

Our neighbourhood is always very busy on Halloween. In fact, we saw the house for the first time on Halloween 2006, and seeing all the groups of kids traipsing from house to house in costumes gave us a good feeling about the neighbourhood.

We had to work tonight, but we didn't want to be unavailable for the kids, and we also didn't want the doorbell ringing all night, bothering the dogs. So we did Halloween in absentia. We left the light on, taped over the doorbell, put a bucket of candy on the doorstep, and taped this sign to the door.

But unfortunately, we had no way to videotape or otherwise spy on the proceedings.

When I came home tonight, all the candy was gone. That's not unusual. But how did it go? Did someone tip the whole bucket into their trick-or-treat bag? Did each child take just one or two candies? Most of the kids are escorted by parents, so I'm thinking everyone was well behaved. And the kids around here are so sweet and polite. I'd bet even the groups of teenagers would only take a few (although I could see them joking about taking all of it... then not doing it).

I think there was probably a fair distribution. Still, it would have been fun to watch.

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