my absence and the start of movie season

I hate not being able to blog every day. All day, I have that nagging feeling that I've forgotten to do something, a loose end that hasn't been properly tied.

I have one week between papers for school, and I'm trying to use the time to write something for myself, and for the Campaign. I'll soon find out if this is a realistic goal or if I'm crazy.

Allan is transcribing someone's IRB hearing, and I'm assisting with that, too. It's a bit crazy.

But I insist on carving out a little down-time. It's the only way.

So after a few annoying delays, Movie Season is finally underway here. We began with "Doubt". Everyone told me how great Meryl Streep was and how great PSH was, and of course that is true. But the real star of this movie is John Patrick Shanley, who wrote the play, wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. Streep and Hoffman are amazing, but their roles are so complex and so subtle; they had so much to work with. It's as fine a piece of writing as you'll ever see on screen.

Doubt was running on Broadway as were leaving New York. Several theatre friends of mine urged me to see it, but I never did. Coincidentally, it originated at Manhattan Theatre Club, where I worked a few lifetimes ago.

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