rodney watson in his own words

This is war resister Rodney Watson, now living in sanctuary in a church in Vancouver.

Some coverage about Watson and the church: Macleans, CBC, Vancouver Province, Vancouver Sun.

How you can help:

  • Write a letter in support of Rodney to your local paper. The Council of Canadians has a great tool to find addresses. Your best shot at getting a letter published is to keep it under 200 words. But even if your letter doesn't run, it helps other letters get published.

  • Donate if you can; no amount is too small (or too large!). Whether or not you can donate, circulate the link to support our fundraising campaign for legal defence of war resisters facing deportation. Donate here.

  • Contact your MP. Ask her or him to support Bill C-440, which will give the weight of law to two motions already passed in the House of Commons.
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