a tale of two newscasts

Watch these two interviews with Afghan MP Malalai Joya, one from CNN in the US, one from CNN International.

A Tale of Two CNNs

This goes a long way in explaining much of the ignorance of the US population regarding their own government's policies. I'm not saying it excuses it. And I understand that other sources are available to all of us now - but we have to know there's a need for the sources, and have the time and motivation to look for them, and have some support for other worldviews, and... a lot of things that many people don't have.

But in any event, this is what passes for hard-hitting international news in that country. In between episodes of WTWWA and flying balloon boys.

Many thanks to DeanG for sending.

Also, reminder: Malalai Joya will be speaking in Toronto on November 18.

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