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I've been meaning to highlight a couple of websites, both by friends of mine from the war resister movement. I was waiting for some appropriate tie-in, but I see that is never going to happen, so here you are.

In May, I blogged about singer-songwriter Sara Marlowe, after we attended the release party for her new CD, "True Stories". Back then, I wrote:
Sara is a talented musician and committed activist, and she seamlessly combines the two. Her lyrics fall squarely in the tradition of music in support of social justice, while her music is a free-ranging mix of rock, jazz and folk. Sara's arrangements, which feature cello, flute and mandolin, give the songs a texture and depth that is simply beautiful.

I can't think of any better way to say it today. I was surprised to see a quote from wmtc front and centre on Sara's new website!

I highly recommend a look and a listen - and a CD: SaraMarlowe.com.

Jamine is a personal fitness coach with solid knowledge and a great motivating spirit. Her blog, The Jam Blog, is a fun mix of information on healthy eating, de-stressing and getting fit. I love this bit from her website:
Jamine is also the Assistant Coach for the University of Toronto's Women's Lacrosse Team, a year-round cyclist, and a connoisseur of fine friends.

Jamine's partner is Phil McDowell, a stop-lossed US war resister, and a spokesperson for peace and human rights.

Both Sara and Jamine are committed peace activists, each doing more than their share to make the world a better place. Visit them!

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