elegy for a glove

I had some gloves.

They were the best gloves I ever had.

They fit so perfectly. They were warm. They slid on and off easily. They were lightweight.

I loved them.

They were the best gloves I ever had.

They looked like this, but they were gray, and lined with Thinsulate, and didn't have that non-skid stuff on the palm sides.

Once I left them behind. But I knew where I left them, and went back to the store, and a nice person had them behind the counter! Hooray!

Then the following winter, I left them behind again. But again, I knew where they were, and I raced back, and there they were, waiting for me. My trusty gloves.

This was their fourth winter. You know you're pushing your luck when your gloves have lasted three winters!

Two weeks ago, coming home from work, I took them off to get out my keys and my money. I went inside, but my gloves stayed in the cab.

I called the cab company. They called the driver. But alas, this time, my gloves were lost.

Where were these gloves from? How could I find them again?

I went to the mall. I hate the mall. I searched through the gloves. There were hundreds of them. In piles. In disarray. I was too warm. I was hungry. I had a headache. I couldn't find the gloves I want.

In store after store, my search continued. Where are you, oh my gloves? Where could you be?

I went home. I was annoyed.

Ah-ha! Later that day, I remembered where those wonderful gloves came from. I bought them online! I ordered them on a whim, while ordering other things, from one of the stores I frequent online. Hurrah! L.L. Bean or Lands End would save the day.

But alas, it was not to be. All the gloves in my size in any colour I would wear are all sold out.

I am sad.

There are other gloves I could buy. Many others. But I hate buying something I don't really like. And they won't be as good.

Now I'm using an old pair. They're warm, but they're difficult.

I miss my gloves.

Boo hoo.

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