a gentle man, a peace-loving citizen

You may recall my piece at The Mark, "Conscience Behind Bars", about campaigners' visit to war resister Cliff Cornell in the Camp LeJeune brig. Cliff is trying to win an early release, so he can return to Canada and rebuild his life on Gabriola Island. The current length of his sentence precludes that.

Here are what some Gabriola Island residents had to say in response to this story in the Nanaimo Daily News.
I am definitely in favour of having that gentle guy Cliff Cornell back on Gabriola Island.

He was a hard-working quiet and contributing member of the Gabriola Island community while he was here. Cliff didn't want to participate in the illegal Iraq war.

Like the hundreds of thousands of young Americans needing a lift up, he joined the army to get an education and recruiters promised him stateside duty. He didn't believe in the internationally discredited, illegal U.S. assault on Iraq, so when called up to fight there, he acted with guts and came to Canada.

Ann Buttrick, Gabriola Island


In response to the article Cliff Cornell's wish to return to Gabriola Island, I would support Cliff's wish because he was well liked and respected as a gentle man, a good and dependable worker and a good peace-loving citizen, who, with good conscience, does not agree with war as an answer to differences between peoples.

Mary Rose, Gabriola Island

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