planet first, people first: seal the deal in copenhagen

Tomorrow, Saturday, December 12, join an indoor rally presented by Toronto Climate Campaign, Students Against Climate Change and Climate Action Network. There'll be a live feed from Copenhagen, speakers, video and other neat stuff.

When: Saturday, December 12, 3:00 p.m.
Where: Earth Sciences Auditorium, University of Toronto, 33 Willcocks Street

From Toronto Climate Campaign:

The Copenhagen Climate Talks are the world's last chance to secure an emissions reductions agreement that will replace the Kyoto Protocol before it expires. There is a growing consensus among scientists that we have as little as ten years to stop and reverse the global growth in greenhouse gas emissions before 'runaway' climate change becomes uncontrollable. That means the international talks being held in Copenhagen in December 2009 could be our last chance to avert a global catastrophe of unimaginable proportions—perhaps the most important international meeting ever held. We feel therefore that there is an overwhelming need to demonstrate a global will for urgent and effective action at this time.


• We demand that world leaders take the urgent and resolute action that is needed to prevent the catastrophic destabilization of global climate.

• In Canada, the Harper government has failed to act on global warming and has blocked progress at previous climate meetings. The Canadian Government must take a stand against global warming at home and abroad. The Toronto Climate Campaign calls on the Harper government to support a deal that includes binding emission targets for developed nations, a global plan to cap total emissions at a level which would prevent the world from exceeding a temperature rise of 2 degrees Celsius, and commit developed nations to provide finance and technology transfers to assist developing nations with their mitigation and adaptation efforts.

• We demand that the government increase support for renewable energy, energy efficiency and good green jobs.

• Sign and promote the KYOTOplus petition on Facebook and join the campaign to ensure the Kyoto Protocol is strengthened and extended at the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen.

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