support antonia zerbisias

Antonia Zerbisias is one of the few good reasons to read the Toronto Star. She's a steadfast supporter of equality, justice and peace, she's a thoroughly independent thinker, and she's a damn good read. I'm not alone in thinking her recent Canada Day piece - "Four things we should be proud of" - was the highlight of that day.

Right now Zerbisias is under attack by her employer, because she had the nerve to speak her mind about Bernie Farber and the Canadian Jewish Congress.

skdadl has the whole story, and Andrew Brett at Rabble has a good summary.

As Brett says: "How disappointing to see the Star scapegoat one of its own columnists in order to appease a political lobby organization."

To support Zerbisias, email Kathy English, the Star's public editor at publiced@thestar.ca.

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