globe and mail sinks to new depths to bash city workers

I tried to suspend home delivery of the Globe and Mail while we were away, but I guess my request didn't go through, as we came home to a small pile of newspapers.

That's how I saw not one, but two columns by union-basher Marcus Gee elevated to the front page. The G&M used Gee's columns as an excuse for giant, above-the-fold headlines for their one-sided stories.

On Tuesday, there was a litany of numbers ("36 days on strike, 4,425 cancelled day camps, lessons and programs..."), then "AND FOR WHAT?", in all caps.

Yesterday's headline "Miller alone in declaring victory for city" is accompanied by another Marcus Gee head: "The sick leave stays. Let the anger begin. The mayor will pay a price for the strike". Let the anger begin? Marcus Gee has been striking that match since day one.

Nothing like objective journalism. This is the same media that ridicules bloggers as all opinions and no facts. At least we're honest about what we do.

Congratulations to the CUPE workers for setting an example for all of us. It isn't easy to stand up for yourself in the face of such overwhelming negative public opinion. If all workers - all of us - were as strong and well organized, there wouldn't be such resentment of the city workers' benefits - because we'd all have what we deserve.

My fingers are crossed for today's vote in the City Council.

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