brief update on deported war resisters cliff cornell and robin long

At last night's Campaign meeting, we were joined by a Quaker activist from the southern US who has been visiting war resister Cliff Cornell - deported by the Harper government and jailed by its US counterpart - in military prison.

It sounds like Cliff is doing all right, but he misses Canada a lot. He can receive visitors without a lot of advanced planning, and some of us are hoping to go down there before the year is out.

As you may imagine, Cliff loves to receive mail from supporters. You can write to him at this address:
Clifford Cornell
Building 1041
PSC Box # 20140
Camp Lejeune, NC 28542

We also got an update on Robin Long from one of his war resister friends. As you know, Robin has been released from military custody. He's doing really well. He has big plans and is headed in a good direction. Hopefully, one day, that direction will be north. We hope that Robin can be reunited with his Canadian-born son at some future date.

[CIC: I mean that in a purely theoretical sense, not that Robin plans to sneak back into Canada. He'll be attending school in Seattle. No need to alert anyone. Go back to your solitaire game.]

Courage To Resist on Cliff Cornell

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