san francisco vigil for war resister kim rivera

If you are in the Bay Area, come to the Canadian Consulate in San Francisco this Wednesday, July 8, to show your support for war resister Kimberly Rivera.

Members of Courage To Resist will bring signed petitions to the Consulate General, urging the Canadian government to respect the will of the Canadian people and the will of Parliament - and to honour a basic moral imperative: not to break up a loving family.

As you know, Kim Rivera, mother of three, refused to redeploy to Iraq and is seeking refuge in Canada. The majority of the Canadian people want her to be allowed to say. Only the minority Conservative government stands in our way.

Kim told Courage To Resist:
I want to stay in Canada, with my family, because the Iraq War is immoral, illegal and I couldn't in good conscience go back. The amount of support I'm getting from Canadians is amazing. The parents of my kids' friends, MPs and even strangers on the street keep telling me that they can't believe the votes in Parliament aren't being respected.

If you are in the area, join the vigil. If you know people in the area, send them this post. More information is at this link.

When: Wednesday, July 8, 2009, 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.

Where: SF Canadian Consulate, 580 California Street, San Francisco

Why: The right of every person to choose a life of peace

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