please sign petition in support of war resister chris vassey

If you support US war resisters in Canada, and you haven't signed this yet, please do.

Petition in support of Chris Vassey.

Chris served five years in the US military, including a decorated combat tour. After returning from Afghanistan, with deployment to Iraq looming, Chris decided he could no longer participate in a mismanaged war of aggression. All he wanted was to separate honourably from the US military. But he was not allowed to do so.

Now Chris asks nothing more than to stay in Canada - to work, to live in peace, to settle into his new life. Some friends of his, also resisters, started this petition, to show public support for Chris and other war resisters.

Chris had to leave his family and friends, he had to come to a new place where he didn't know anybody, he had to start all over. He must go through the Immigration and Refugee Board process, and probably to court. If there is no change of government or change of heart in Canada, Chris may one day be court martialed and go to jail.

All we have to do is sign this.

Please sign and circulate. Thanks.

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