travel day

I was hoping to blog yesterday, but never found the opportunity. Getting ready for a vacation, a wedding (plus other family gatherings), and school at the same time has been very challenging! But at last I think it's all come together.

Today will be a long travel day. There's just no easy way to get from Toronto to Santa Fe. We drive to Buffalo, fly from Buffalo to Atlanta, fly from Atlanta to Albuquerque, then pick up a car and drive to Santa Fe. But I don't stress about those things; in fact, I enjoy them. For me the vacation starts as soon as we leave the house.

When I went to California earlier this year, I flew non-stop from Toronto. There was no real savings in flying from Buffalo, plus that flight wouldn't have been direct. But to Santa Fe, flying from Buffalo is a no-brainer: Delta from Buffalo $275, Air Canada from Toronto, $800. That's round-trip, per person. Air Canada is just begging anyone who lives near the border to fly from the US.

Our new dogwalker is spending the week with Tala and Cody. I feel good about her, I think she'll be great.

For those interested, I'll be blogging about our adventures in New Mexico. See you soon!

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