in which i survive my first day of school

Well, I did it, and lived to tell the tale.

The good news is it was easy, a little fun, and mostly no big deal.

More good news is I met Lisa, the wmtc reader who is in the same program. She picked me out immediately, and we sat next to each other for the introductory lecture. We had fun! Turns out she's a lot closer to my age than I realized. This is fun, too.

The bad news is that as soon as I got into Toronto, I took three steps, and my ankle turned again. It was not nearly as severe as last week in Santa Fe, but bad enough that I had to lean against a building to keep from falling. You can imagine my delight!

After a few minutes I was able to walk, and continued walking through the day, including way more stairs than I wanted. (There must be an accessible entrance to the Faculty of Information building. I will ask.) I was worried about it all day. Allan met me for dinner, and by the time we got home, I was in pain. I spent the rest of the night doing the elevation-and-ice thing.

I'm sure it's time to see a doctor about my ankle. But I know that probably means a long round of appointments - initial visit, MRI, MRI results, probably physio - and I'm loathe to wade in. Maybe the wait for MRIs is a good thing after all. (USians: yes, we do wait for certain high-demand procedures. But we do get them eventually. And they're free.)

But other than the ankle, so far so good - although I haven't had actual classes yet. That starts today and tomorrow.

On Tuesdays I'll have two hours between classes, and on Wednesdays I'll have three hours. I'm hoping that's when I'll do most of my schoolwork.

Continued thanks for your continued good wishes. It means a lot.

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