canada's afghan mission is "useless"

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Fallen soldier thought Afghan mission 'useless': family

Family members of the latest Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan told a Quebec City newspaper that the young soldier considered the mission "a bit useless."

Nicolas Couturier, brother of Pte. Jonathan Couturier, told Le Soleil that the 23-year-old soldier had mixed emotions about being in Afghanistan.

"That war, he thought it was a bit useless, that they were wasting their time there," he was quoted telling Le Soleil.

"He didn't talk about it," Nicolas told the newspaper. "He was positive, but at certain moments, let's just say he was fed up."

useless: "not serving ... any purpose ... futile ... of no practical good"

A note to the CBC: This 23-year-old soldier did not "fall".

He cannot "get up". He was killed. He is dead. And no one will ever touch his hair or call him Dad or be told in his voice that they are loved.

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