the world is full of unexpected challenges

My biggest challenge in attaining my Master of Information degree will not be keeping up on the assigned reading.

My biggest challenge will not be writing cogent critical papers.

It will not be class participation, on which I will be graded.

These factors are all important, but they are trivial when compared to my most formidable challenge.

My biggest challenge? Not eating french fries every day!

There are no french fries at home, where I normally spend my days. Driving around Mississauga for appointments and errands, there are no french fries. I'd have to go well out of way to find french fries, and I don't.

There are no french fries at work. I would have to seek out fast food restaurants, and I don't, and even if I did, the fries there aren't very good. They are easily avoidable.

But these trucks. These chip trucks, or fries trucks, or whatever you want to call them. They sell sizzling hot, salty fries, freshly made from real potatoes. Gravy, cheese, poutine, is freely ladled. I eat mine plain, but somehow the idea is still so appealing.

A small size is huge. And cheap. And so tempting.

There are several trucks. And I have to walk past them every day.

Of this there can be no doubt. The biggest challenge facing me in my graduate school career will be not eating french fries every day.

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