home and happy

It was horrible waking up at 5:00 a.m. but once we got out of the hotel, everything went smoothly. Albuquerque to Atlanta to Buffalo, and out of that crazy country, back to civilization. Now I can turn my attention to school - which I start on Monday! - and the upcoming election and try to catch up on war resister news.

One interesting thing about traveling through US airports - "interesting" in the train-wreck kind of way - is that CNN is always on. I don't watch any US TV news, I haven't in years, so seeing what CNN is telling the nation to obsess on is always eye-opening. Eye-opening in the head-shaking kind of way.

So, despite my best efforts to ignore it, I learned that a US Congressperson heckled the President of the United States, calling him a liar. And I saw who was asked to comment on this, from James Carville to Susan Molinari to a "popular conservative blogger".

I'm not a huge Obama fan, but if Congresspeople are going to publicly denounce the POTUS as a liar, we've got to crank up the wayback machine and get the Dems heckling, too.

I'm happy to be home. The dogs did great. We have video of Tala - our dogsitter put her on YouTube! I'll post it as soon as I watch it myself.

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