toronto star letters say let them stay

From today's Toronto Star:
Bravo to Gerard Kennedy and Bill Siksay for introducing and seconding Bill C-440, the private member's bill in support of U.S. war resisters in Canada. Those MPs stand on the side of justice, peace and Canadian values. The majority of the Canadian public believes U.S. war resisters should be allowed to stay in Canada. Let's do the Canadian thing and let them stay.

Laura Kaminker, Mississauga

A generation ago, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau declared Canada a "refuge from militarism" and welcomed Vietnam War resisters, both volunteers and conscripts alike. Now we have a Prime Minister who admitted the Iraq War was "absolutely an error," but who deports Iraq war resisters to jail against the will of Parliament.

The war resisters bill offers a historic opportunity to reaffirm Canadian tradition and democracy, and to keep the Prime Minister to his word. Canadians anxiously await the passage of this bill, which will again make Canada a beacon of hope and a refuge from militarism.

Jesse McLaren, Toronto

In view of Gerard Kennedy's bill, all deportations of resisters should stop until the vote takes place.

Janet Goodfellow, Toronto

[plus one negative letter not reproduced here]

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