and still they criticize

This morning I received this comment from "Wendy" on an old post:
How are you going to just "move" to Canada? I'm always astounded how Americans think it's easy to move to Canada. I'm a Canadian citizen with dual citizenship and I can tell you that it's not easy to just move to Canada; it takes years and years of paperwork and requirements.

No kidding, Wendy? Do tell! You mean it's going to take me from early 2003 when we submit our applications until late summer 2005 when we move? You mean it's going to cost all the many thousands of dollars we spent, all the forms we filled out, all the requirements we met?

You mean it's going to be such a long process that my blog will come to serve as a hub for other USians making the same move? Do you mean the 11,000 of us who "just moved" to Canada in 2006?

Is that what you mean?

Oh, I guess not. Because you didn't bother to read a word of this blog before posting your snide remark.

Perhaps the reason you are "always astounded" is because you are doing too much talking and not enough listening.

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