war resister court martial today in texas: canadians should take note

There is no way I will deploy to Afghanistan. The occupation is immoral and unjust. It does not make the American people any safer. It has the opposite effect.

- Army Specialist Victor Agosto

Today, a courageous person of conscience will be sentenced to prison. His crime: refusing to participate in a useless war.

Victor Agosto refused to deploy to Afghanistan. You can read more about Victor and see his statement of resistance here.

Courage to Resist brings us their to top 10 reasons to resist the war in Afghanistan:
1. Like Iraq, it is also illegal
2. No military solution to terrorism
3. Funds used for war are needed at home
4. Civilian casualties are not acceptable
5. War is not good for women in Afghanistan
6. Support the troops: Bring them home now
7. Torture and human rights abuses in Afghanistan
8. Climate change and resource wars
9. War destabilizes Afghanistan and the region
10. Respect Afghani self-determination; No to global military intervention

11. Canada should return to its role as international peacekeeper. It should not waste Canadian and Afghan lives in order to curry favour with the US or please a minority of Canadians who revel in militarism.

More on Courage To Resist's reasons here.

My heart is with Victor Agosto today. More about how you can help him here, including a vigil outside Fort Hood, in Kileen, Texas, tonight.

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