"it is shameful that canadian governments have supported these policies"

Letter in yesterday's Globe and Mail:
It is no surprise the presidential election in Afghanistan is characterized by political alliances with warlords, drug lords and well known human-rights abusers (Free And Fair Elections In Afghanistan? Don’t Hold Your Breath – Aug. 18). In 2001, most Afghans wanted the re-establishment of their democratic 1964 constitution, but this was blocked by the U.S. government, which had its own plans for the country.

There are more than 80 registered political parties in Afghanistan. Many, strongly committed to democracy, have formed coalitions and want to create a unified country across ethnic, linguistic and religious divisions. They have been blocked from participation in Afghan elections by the U.S. government and its ally, Hamid Karzai. It is shameful that Canadian governments have supported these policies.

John W. Warnock, author, Creating a Failed State: The U.S. and Canada in Afghanistan, Regina

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