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When I heard there were protesters parading around an Obama event carrying assault weapons, I immediately thought of a search string I recently saw in my Statcounter.
why isnt obama dead yet

Chilling words. I saved it, but couldn't bear to turn the words into humour as I usually do.

By now I assume you've all seen the video of a town hall participant comparing - in apparent seriousness - Barack Obama to Adolph Hitler, and referring to health care reform as a "Nazi policy". Of course we all love Senator Barney Frank's reply, but there is something very dangerous and sinister going on.

When a moderate centrist like Barack Obama is publicly vilified as a Nazi, we are reminded that, despite the anti-Communist rhetoric we all grew up with, the US has never been in any serious danger of revolution from the left. The danger in the US is, as it has always been, from the right. The presence of a Democrat in the White House does not mean the danger has passed. In fact, Obama's election might have been the spark the fascists need.

[About US fascism, Sara Robinson asks, "Are We There Yet?". With everything that's been going on with me personally, I haven't yet read this post fully, but it looks very good.]

Perhaps the people who - incredibly, ridiculously, ignorantly - asked if Allan and I were moving back to the US because of Obama's election have got a clue by now. While I'm actively engaged in the project of improving Canada - the ongoing work of every society - there's never been a question in my mind as to which country I'd rather live in. The Harper Government always disappoints and sometimes disgusts me, but they are temporary. Harper does not equal Canada. And I'm still grateful every day to be here.

So many USians wish they could join me. There's been no let up of emails from Americans desperate to leave TGNOTFOTE. I receive at least a few each week.

Andrew from Pennsylvania writes:
I am Gay and I am an Atheist. I don't parade both around nor shove it in anyone's face. But, everyone in this country seems to feel the need (even today) to shove their evangelical homophobia in my face (through law, commercials, social engineering, etc).

I have never liked America since I started learning more about it. It is nice, yes, to walk down the street without getting bombed. But, being Gay and Atheist, some streets I can't walk down without getting stabbed or shot (unless I play the straight Christian). Beyond the religion and politics, the general attitude of these people is just mindbogglingly narrow-minded and selfish.

I want to move to Canada because I do not believe that America will ever have its act together. ...

[In Canada] I don't think there will be the kind of BS we have to deal with on a daily basis. No wars to worry about, no right-wing Christian using his Bible to make law. Not having to pay an additional 150$ [per month] to get insured SIMPLY because we're a same-sex couple.

I don't want to have to go on marches, or go to protests, or hold rallies just so I get equal treatment. . . . I also am tired of constant War.

R from Florida writes:
...very disenchanted with the direction my country is moving. I'm not patriotic; I've never seen a reason to be. Even with the election of Obama, the situation seems to simply be swinging back deeply towards the irrational. Sadly, unless I have a job secured, I don't meet the points necessary to immigrate, and for me that's heartbreaking.

R sent me a link to his blog, and when I told him how much I enjoyed one entry, he said:
It has been months since I've done any serious writing; I'm simply too depressed watching my country implode, as well as dealing with my own issues. I will press on.

I well remember that feeling.

I wish everyone who wanted to move to Canada could do so. It's considerably more difficult now than it was when we applied in 2003. But it's still possible, either with pre-arranged employment, or if you have experience in one of these fields listed by the CIC. And, there is still hope that if the Liberals can form a government, immigration restrictions will ease up.

And in case you've spent the last 24 hours in a cave, here's Barney Frank.

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