stress update

Things are a bit calmer in Chez L-Sock these days. Whew.

  • Dogs. We've met a new dogwalker and house-sitter, someone who answered an earlier Craigslist ad of mine, but who I didn't meet at the time. She seems responsible and reliable, has a lot of experience with dogs, and has references. But then, didn't they all.

    Actually D, the first disappearing dogwalker, didn't give me a reference - she said she was going to, never did, and I neglected to follow up. I've always wondered if that was a mistake, if she ducked the reference because of a habitual disappearing act. I'll never know, but I'll never skip that step again.

    I also emailed with J a bit more. He explained further what happened, and as I suspected, there really is no valid excuse. He does seem sorry, and says he's learned an important lesson, but he'll have to use that knowledge elsewhere.

    Here's a good tidbit. I usually leave J's pay on Sunday, but as I still hadn't heard from him on Sunday morning, naturally this week I did not. I was already at work when he texted me and I learned he'd walk the dogs that day. Now in yesterday's email exchage, J asked if he could expect to be paid for Sunday! Good luck with that, buddy.

    So, having been burned a few times, I'm nervous about this new person. A few good friends have offered to check in on the dogs while we're gone, and I think I'll take someone up on it. Peace of mind on a holiday is a good thing.

  • Flood. Our landlord got back from Germany yesterday, and he's coming by tonight to see the torn-apart basement and talk about the next steps. His response to the flood largely will determine whether or not we stay in this house. If he just installs new panelling and carpet without fixing anything else, I don't know if we can feel safe here anymore. Moving is a horrible thought, but I'm becoming resigned to the possibility.

  • Me. I'm getting nervous about the start of school, and I have to take steps to deal with the anxiety: carving out some quiet time to myself, getting enough exercise, getting enough sleep. And, when necessary, taking drugs!

    I'm not questioning whether I'm doing the right thing, and I'm not worried about being successful. This is a good fit, and I'm sure I'll do fine. My concerns are about time. The juggling factor. How I'll do everything I need to do, not re-aggravate my fibromyalgia, and remain a sane and happy person.

    Also, this is plain old anticipatory nerves. The most difficult part of any new undertaking is usually anticipation. Once you get started, you figure it out. So until I do get started, Klonopin to the rescue!

    We went to the Red Sox-Blue Jays game last night with a few friends from the war resisters campaign. It was great to watch baseball, drink beer, laugh, cheer and generally be out of my own head. The Sox won - although they made it a bit too interesting - and I had a great time.

    The early-morning war resister action planned for this morning was postponed, and tonight I'm giving myself a little gift: skipping our weekly meeting. Taking a mental health day.

    Thank you, my friends, for your support!
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