"pre-existing condition" and other words you'll never hear in canada

From "Canuckistan" at Democratic Underground, thanks to Nick at Life Without Borders.
Words you'll never hear in the Canadian health care system

As a Canadian I marvel at all of these terms that are so common to Americans, but are virtually unknown to us.

Here's a partial list off the top of my head:

1. "Out of network"
There are no "networks" in Canada. Doctors and hospitals are not affiliated with private insurance companies. Doctors are private business entities and hospitals are usually run by non-profit boards or regional health associations.

2. "COBRA"
Health coverage is NOT tied to your place of employment in any way. So any COBRA-like scheme is unnecessary.

3. "Co-Pay"
The government pays 100% of basic care, 100% of the time. Drugs are not covered, but are subsidized by government to a point. And because of mass buys, discounts are obtained from the drug companies. That's why our prices are so much lower. Most employers offer a drug plan that pays for 100% of drug cost coverage.

4. "monthly premium\deductible"
Wazzat? We don't consider our health to be the same as our possessions.

5. "waiting for approval"
Doctors are the sole decision makers for health care. NOBODY influences or delays their decisions, warns them of costs or prevents them from giving treatment for any reason.

6. "Government interference"
The provincial government in each province PAYS for whatever services doctors provide. No questions asked. Unless the procedure is experimental, not medically necessary or unwarranted, doctors cannot deny basic care - by law.

7. "Health insurance lobby"
There are NO insurance companies for basic care, only companies for providing insurance for travelers. No money to be made here.

8. "bureaucracy"
When we visit a hospital or doctor's office, we walk in, get treated, walk out. No "applications", "registrations" or any other kind of paperwork is required. We NEVER have to talk to a single "government official" or wait for a "judgment".

This is such a foreign concept to us. A Canadian's usual reaction to the explanation of this term is astonishment.

Our US-to-Canada community owes a lot to Democratic Underground: that's how Nick found me. He was the first USian to contact me about moving to Canada through wmtc, and the first to follow through.

After quoting Canuckistan, Nick continues:
As an American living in Canada and as a legal permanent resident I am entitled to the same health care as everyone else in Ontario (the program is called OHIP). I can honestly tell you that I have had BETTER service in Toronto then I ever had in the 12 years I lived in Colorado. I have NEVER had to wait for a doctor's appointment, and the longest I ever had to wait for a specialist was one month when I had to get scheduled for my sleep study (which is covered 100% by OHIP and my CPAP will be covered up to 80% with the rest coming from my employer's insurance company.) By the way, my doctor was not chosen by the government of Ontario, I picked her myself.

No one EVER files for bankruptcy due to medical bills in Canada, and when I explain to my fellow Canadians that Medical Bills are the number one reason for Bankruptcy Filings in the United States they are in shock.

Everyone is covered by the same plan (each run individually by province or territory) so the Prime Minister to the homeless guy on the street both have the same type of medical coverage. 50 MILLION Americans have NOTHING. No one ever gets turned away from a Hospital Emergency Room, whereas I can't tell you how many clients in Denver I had being "diverted" to Denver General from rich, posh, private hospitals in the suburbs.

Also, when it comes down to decision making, the ultimate decision is left to Doctor and patient, not the HMO or insurance company. If my Doctor says I need a surgery and I agree it happens, no questions asked; but if i disagree it does not happen and I can go get a second opinion for FREE. I am not sure what Ms. Shona Holmes' doctor told her, but she made her own choice to go to the United States for treatment.

I am not taxed to death for the medical system up here; while taxes are higher to pay for health care, they also pay for higher welfare cheques, daycare subsidies, mental health services, employment insurance, and a host of other "social programs" that actually benefit people....in other words, helping them. The truth is when I look at my paycheque here and my paycheck in the States, when I add in my health care premiums and co-pays in Colorado....there is very little difference in my net pay.

I am not saying the Canadian system is perfect, and that every Canadian is happy with their province's health care plans; there are plenty of opportunities for improvement in Ontario and other provinces, but it is also not the fallacy that Ms. Shona Holmes precipitates in her fear-mongering Republican funded commercials while she sets up house in Washington DC. A recent study showed that over 85% of Canadians are happy with their health care system....Ms. Shona Holmes is obviously not one of them.

Note: Shona Holmes is a liar and a fraud.

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