"i didn't know truth had a gender"

Has your head exploded in a while? No? Then read this.
Lisa MacLeod is a young female politician who commutes to her job at Queen's Park from Ottawa and leaves her husband, Joe, and four-year-old daughter, Victoria, at home. Mr. Justice Douglas Cunningham of Ontario Superior Court said this is a big distraction for the 34-year-old woman and as a result he felt he could not accept her evidence as corroboration of the Crown's key witness in the recent high-profile, influence-peddling trial of Ottawa Mayor Larry O'Brien. . . .

On Monday, Ms. MacLeod, the Conservative MPP for Nepean-Carleton, called the judge's reference "pathetic" and "surreal."

"I didn't know truth had a gender or a family, she said.

Do men not juggle the demands of work and family? Are they able to do so without their brains being so fried that their testimony is worthless?

I wonder, does Justice Cunningham so disapprove of working women that he cannot give credence to what one such woman has to say?

When, oh when, will this appalling sexism end??

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