we are a majority / nous sommes la majorité

Canadian readers, if you have not already done so, I hope you will send a message to Prime Minister Stephen Harper through this excellent campaign by Leadnow.
A clear majority of Canadians voted for change.

9 million voters cast their ballots for parties that share much in common. 9 million voted to strengthen our democracy, protect our environment and increase our equality.

Yet, because these parties split the vote in riding after riding, Prime Minister Harper has gained near total control of our government with the support of less than 6 million voters. The only thing that can check his power is the shared voices of Canadians like you.

Right now, we need to send Prime Minister Harper a clear message that although he has a majority of seats, he does not enjoy majority support. In his acceptance speech, he said “…we must be the government of all Canadians, including those who did not vote for us.” We expect him to follow through with this commitment, and we will be here, growing stronger every day to hold him to account to the agenda of a majority of voters:

The Conservatives now have control of the House of Commons, with free reign to appoint individuals to key posts and pass laws. Public opinion is the most powerful force to keep Prime Minister Harper in check. However big the majority, no government that disregards public opinion will govern for long.

We need to build a movement that can bring Canadians together to hold Prime Minister Harper accountable, build support to fix our democracy, and achieve progress on the major challenges facing our country through all levels of government.
This statement cites vote-splitting between the New Democrat Party and the Liberal Party as the reason for the Conservative majority. I would two other culprits: the first-past-the-post voting system and the lack of leadership and ideas of the Liberal Party.

Progressive people may disagree on why a Conservative majority has been elected, but we should all agree on what needs to be done. Leadnow.ca has the right idea. Please start with sending your message and sharing the link as widely as you can.

And don't stop there.

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