in which i follow my conscience

I voted NDP.

Yes, after all my talk of strategic voting, I did not vote strategically. Here's why.

1. Projections for our riding looked pretty good: Conservatives in the mid-30% range, Liberals in the mid-40s, and NDP in the low 20s.

2. I couldn't bring myself to vote for a party whose leader supports unending war and the use of torture.

3. The NDP is the only party that cares about the needs of ordinary Canadians.

4. I am a socialist. I'm not sure the NDP is socialist right now, but they're as close as we have on offer.

I loved voting! It's so easy and direct here. A paper ballot, an X, a cross-checking system, and you're done. Leaving the polling place, knowing Allan and I had both voted with our consciences, I was a little choked up.

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