don't blame the ndp: only the liberals are to blame for their own collapse

Newsflash: it's not the NDP's fault that the Liberals suck.

A Conservative majority is not something anyone wanted, except people who voted Conservative.

Blaming NDP voters for a Conservative majority is illogical. It's stupid. It's wrong.

Look at the numbers. Canadian voters hate the Liberals. How is that the NDP's fault?

The Liberals are bankrupt. They are out of ideas and completely bereft of leadership. They paid for it in the last election and they are paying for it dearly now.

You NDP-blamers out there, if the NDP and Liberal numbers were reversed, who would you blame then? The NDP. So either way, it's the fault of NDP voters. We're all just supposed to vote Liberal no matter what.

Another newsflash: if the Liberals want votes, they have to earn them! Why aren't NDP votes as valid as Liberal votes?

When too many people vote Conservative, blame Conservative voters.

When not enough people vote Liberal, blame the Liberal Party.

There's a reason the NDP is now the official opposition. More Canadians preferred them to the Liberals. I'm very disappointed to live in a Conservative riding. But the Liberals make me sick and when push comes to shove, why should I vote for a party that sickens me?

Blaming progressive voters for a right-wing victory and centre-right collapse. Where have I heard this before? Canadians, you should be smarter than that.

At least this time we'll have an Opposition that knows the meaning of the word.

At least this time we'll have an Opposition!

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