in lieu of travel, baseball and socialism

I'll be spending the next few days with several things I am passionate about: baseball, socialism, good friends - and Allan.

Today we're heading to Windsor, having dinner with "Gito and Mrtew", then tomorrow seeing the Red Sox in Detroit. Hooray, a day game! This is our only live baseball game of the season, so good weather and a win would be much appreciated.

When we return, this weekend is the annual Marxism conference in Toronto. Last year I managed to attend Friday, Friday night and Saturday night. Since I had such a great time - and since we have no money to travel this year - we're taking the weekend off to attend the whole thing. I'm also helping out a (very) little at the conference, by chairing two talks. I'm really looking forward to both the socialism and the socializing.

I won't be blogging much for a few days, then I'll be completely overloaded with material to write about and no time to write.

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