marxism 2011 in brief, with more to follow, i hope

Thirty-five talks (total), seven talks (attended), three panel discussions, three amazing short films. Several pints of beer, countless interesting ideas, dozens of thought-provoking comments, not enough sleep. Twice brought to tears of inspiration and joy. Chaired two meetings, and met one wmtc reader!

About 200 attendees; eight new IS members - including Allan! Reports from Wisconsin, Egypt, Bahrain, Venezuela, Bolivia, Afghanistan; reports from Hamilton, Toronto, Quebec and Ottawa. Women, men, and at least one baby; a spectrum of colours, languages, traditions and backgrounds; ages 90s to 20s; union, nonunion, students, unwaged; questioning, learning, teaching, organizing. Learning learning learning.

I'm exhausted, overwhelmed and deeply inspired. I feel - as I did last year when I attended my first Marxism Conference - that I have come home. That I have found my people.

I want so badly to transmit what I learned and convey my excitement and hope, but it feels beyond me. But over the next few weeks, a little at a time, I will give it a go.

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