wmtc redesign

I've wanted to do this for a very long time! It was the one thing on my summer to-do list that didn't get crossed out. So now at last... the new look. I think it's clean, readable, simple but with a bit of a personal look, and kind of classy.

As you can see, I've retired the artwork in the masthead. I've also officially changed the blog's name to wmtc, since that's what I call it, and I've kept "we move to canada" as the subtitle.

I'll be populating the tabs over the next few days and weeks. Most of what was in the sidebar will now be in tabs.

I'm also considering retiring the name "L-girl," which has been my name since I first got online in 1996. The alternative would be "laura k," which I also post under. I have mixed feelings about letting L-girl go. But it might be time.

Two CSS questions for you experts out there. How do I change the titles on the sidebar to all lower case? (Got it!) And how can I reduce the space between the blog name (wmtc) and the "blog description" (we move to canada) in the header?

Update. Done and done. Figured one out myself and got the other from a helpful reader.

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